Day 9 of 365

Just a little God wink; yesterday I was getting gas in the small town that I grew up in. I looked over on the corner and there was a person standing there with a sign. I immediately started judging here because no pan handeling should be happening in my conservative little town. But as I zipped up my coat and turned on my car to stay warm; I realized that I need to stop having this close minded way of thinking. I don’t know this persons story, and I shouldn’t care. This person was out in the cold and was looking for help (regardless if they really needed it or not) but nevertheless I went into the gas station and bought the person a hot chocolate. I asked the attendant who that person is and if they know the story. The attending rolled her eyes and said that they have offered the lady on the corner a job twice. They didn’t know her story but clearly didn’t want her there. I bought the hot chocolate and drove up to the lady and offered her the hot chocolate. Her eyes immediately lit up. I don’t know if she was fake, or if she really was in need. But I felt the calling to treat her how I would want to be treated on a cold day 🙂 I am not posting this for my ego to be built up or anything. I am just reminding everyone that there are so many different ways to show love as a Christian to others. -keep on keepin on people 💕 

Day 8 of 365 politics and religion

I typically try to stay clear of politics because I don’t know much about it all, and I try my best not to offend people. However, I feel called to just talk a little about what is going on within politics and religions lately. I find it facinating that many parts of politics are based on religion and differing beliefs. There is no denying the fact that we are becoming a broken country here in the US because of radical views and opinions. I will be honest here; I support our current president. I supported him while he was campaigning..not because of what he ran his whole campaign on, but because I find that he was the lesser of two evils. My mindset as I voted..was not that one person is better than the other, but that God clearly has a plan and he is in control! There is a common Christian saying that I think holds a lot of truth when it comes to how the world is running today; and that is that God does his best work when we are most broken. I think that God is doing something great here in the world and we just aren’t able to see it all yet. So, setting politics aside -as christians we need to LOVE one another and watch what we say or believe in before pressing prejudices or opinions on anyone. It is our job to continue to be the light in this world and to fulfill Gods plan for each of us. 

Day 7 of 365 [Valentines edition]

February 14; A day known for lovers, relationships, roses, chocolates, and an overabundance of cheesy sayings/posts. Also a day that is made up. Its a cute “hallmark holiday” but what does it really entail? Every year I see some that are celebrating their love with one another, but I also see others who are hurt and shamed for not having a significant other. Why does this happen? Why are people so fixated on finding their “true love” to celebrate little holidays like this? For one; in relationships there shouldn’t be just one specific day to declare love for one another, for two; there is absolutely no rush to find love. I admit, when I was single I too was fixated on getting a boyfriend. And before I started dating my boyfriend I finally was able to figure out what I had to do to get a boyfriend. I realized that I need to STOP TRYING. I left it up to God, and I tried to have zero expectations. Yes, I did put some effort forth because God is not going to do everything for me, but I just let him do his thing and it led me to finding the love of my life. So this Valentines day, if you find yourself single or in a relationship or whatever; remember that we have a father who LOVES us and will do anything for us. I don’t know about you but that sounds better than any earthly relationship. Take time today and this week to really reflect on Gods abundant love, eat some chocolate, focus on your relationship with our creator. Lastly; remember to show our Christian love to others. Happy Valentines day!

Day 6 of 365

In the sermon I listened to this past Sunday the main focus was Philippians 2. The scripture here is based on service. It’s our job as followers and believers of Christ to show others who Christ is through our actions. We need to be the shining light for this dark world. 

Day 4 of 365

My Friends: Prayer is so powerful. I know it can get discouraging sometimes when it feels like there are no answers or no results, but I promise you My Friends: that your prayers are making a difference. They are not in vain and your voice is heard. Keep going to the throne.

Day 2 of 365

Often I struggle with letting go and letting God do his thing with my life, it’s been a real battle to let God take the reigns in my life. You notice how I said ‘let’ …I shouldn’t be letting God do anything, he CAN and WILL do anything in his plan. As I sit here and think about what I’ve struggled with, some song lyrics comes to mind by Hillsong; 

‘Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters wherever you may call me…’

God knows what he is doing in my life, it’s my job to follow where he is leading me. 

10 things I’ve learned from working 3rd shift

1. Sleep is for the weak

2. People who work 3rd are almost always the chilliest people you’ll meet.

3.  It’s a whole new world at night vs the days.

4. If you aren’t a coffee/energy drinker-I give you a week. You’ll convert.

5. I’ve learned that I am able to stay up as late as I need to despite all odds. 

6. I can run on 4 hours of sleep within a 24 hr period 

7. You will learn to appreciate your bed 10x more

8. There are some WEIRD tv shows that run at night 

9. You appreciate the days when it is raining or snowing bc you’re sleeping anyways 

10. Things that are hilarious at 4 in the morning aren’t actually all that funny.